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Book - Jamaican Steppers

Book - Jamaican Steppers

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This book accurately portrays Jamaican culture by mixing Patois dialect with modern American English. It also includes a glossary of Patois terms to allow the reader to learn and understand Jamaican dialect.


This fictional tale delves into the life of Jamaican organized crime. Like other groups that migrated to the United States, some Jamaicans were faced with anguish as they tried the live out “the American Dream.” The two main characters, like many immigrants before them, realized that the “American Dream” was not going to be given to them so, they decided to just take it.

The authors chronicles the life and times of two Jamaican immigrants caught up in the fast life of illicit drug activities, easy money, deceit, and the misery that comes along with such a lifestyle. Chuckie and Stepper, the two main characters in this novel, once walked a straight and narrow line as so many young men have done, but their overwhelming lust for money and power lead them to open warfare with some of the deadliest Jamaicans in New York. Soon they would become the subject of a massive police investigation stretching from New York to New Jersey.

This novel places a spotlight on the not often spoken about Jamaican underworld and the law enforcement men whose job it is to stomp it out. However, in the case of Chuckie and Stepper, this had proven to be a little more than what the law was equip to handle. Lieutenant John Fisher, the lead detective would soon discover that this was no ordinary case and his attempt to apprehend these men would call for sleepless nights, heavy manpower, and countless hours of pursuit. The chase begins in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York then quickly leads to Harlem, the Bronx, and ultimately across the George Washington Bridge to the streets of Paterson, New Jersey. This novel brings to light the drug infested neighborhoods in the city of New York and the Jamaican immigrants bent on capitalizing on it. Greed, betrayal, and the unforgiving nature of both Chuckie and Stepper in handing out their own brand of justice led to the deaths and imprisonment of countless Jamaican immigrants. This novel is depicted as real as possible by using a blend of Jamaican dialect (Patois) along with contemporary American English. One will get the feeling of being in the presence of these two Jamaican men.

This gripping novel will keep you enthralled and compelled to continue reading to the very end. You will find yourself wanting more.

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