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  • Traditional Jamaican Rum Punch

    - 4 oz of our Premium Jamaican Rum Punch

    - 1 oz of Orange Juice



    Combine our Rum Punch with Orange Juice in a glass and enjoy!

  • Kingston Shandy

    - 4 oz or more of beer

    - 1 ½ oz Jamaica’s Finest Cocktails & Mixes® Rum Punch



    1. Fill glass with beer

    2. Top off with 1 ½ oz of Jamaica’s Finest Cocktails & Mixes® Rum Punch to taste.

  • Dutty Boy

    - 4 oz or more of our premium Jamaican Rum Punch

    - 1 ½ oz of Rum

    - Ice



    1. Add ice to glass and fill with Jamaica’s Finest Cocktails & Mixes® Rum Punch

    2. Top off with 1 ½ oz of your favorite Rum

  • Marley Mimosa

    - Our Premium Jamaican Rum Punch

    - Champagne



    Pour a glass of Champagne. Top off with our premium Rum Punch to taste.

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  • We're focused on Serving the Community

  • Community Service

    300 Gallons in 30 Days Campaign

    We're donating 300 Gallons of Hand Sanitizer to our County to get it to communities in need.

    Autism Job Training and Employment Program
    A high number of autistic adults are unemployed and many will never have gainful employment. To that end, ERB provides job training and employment to autistic individuals from underserved communities. Skills

  • and experience gained during training will allow individuals to gain permanent employment with us or transfer skills into other industries. Skills include all
    phases of beverage manufacturing and packaging, marketing, business skills, interviewing, and resume writing.